Personalities in Boundary Dispute

The Neighbouring Bully
refuses to see any other point of view except his own and will refuse to negotiate. They will want their own way, full stop. This type of neighbour will try to instill fear, and will quickly inform you of all the bad things that will happen to you if you don't concede to his/her demands.
The first thing to do here is present the bully with an irrefutable surveyors report to show that you are in the right, then sit back with the unperturbed air of a professional poker player.

The Poker player is usually the neighbour with the weakest boundary case is generally the biggest bluffer. Raising the stakes is a classic tactic to get the neighbour with the strongest case to acquiesce, which is understandable, as nobody wants to spend tens of thousands in a court of law.
However a showing of hands is the best way to get off the merry-go-round of escalating costs and exchanging Surveyors reports at this stage would be a good move to bring the game to a close.
Another way to close the game early is to suggest to your neighbour that your respective Surveyors should meet and agree the boundary, which will be binding for both parties.

The Quiet Neighbour will accept encroachment/ the demands of their neighbour for the sake of a quiet and hassle free life. On an emotional level and financial level, this makes a lot of sense. However, if pickings are that easy it is quite likely that your neighbour will be back for a second bite of the pie.

The justified neighbour has a very strong sense of what is right and wrong, often they will stubbornly see their situation in black and white terms. They know exactly where their boundary is, and refuses to quit until they see that justice is done. A Judge may or not uphold the justified neighbour's boundary position but will certainly cost a lot of money in the process of making that judgement.

Negotiating Neighbours are the best type of neighbours. Negotiating is the best way to settle a boundary dispute quickly and cheaply. A negotiator will firstly establish precisely what the problem is and where it came from.
This can be easily done by asking your Surveyor to compile a boundary discrepancies map. This will show the legal folio position of your boundary versus its actual position.
Your Surveyor will also help you to understand the root of the problem. Once in a position of understanding the problem, the negotiator can make an opening offer to their neighbour and the process of negotiation starts. The objective is to arrive at a settlement which both parties can accept. This is the best way to resolve a boundary dispute; unfortunately this is not always possible.


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