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Regularising Property Records

We can help you to regularize your property records
so your land ownership on the ground is accurately reflected in your title map/Filed Plan. This avoids costly delays and problems in transferring land ownership down the line.

With over 30 years of experience coupled with cutting edge survey technology I can fix boundaries inaccurately reflected on Land Registry Maps, whether it is land or a multi story development.

I use state of the art survey technology combining the results of GPS, laser scanner and drone surveys with a deep understanding of the Land Registry Mapping System. I also use advanced software for overlaying old maps to establish the accurate boundary lines.

Typical Land Registry Mapping Errors and how I fix them:

1. Land Registry Digitising Errors

By analysing the Land Registry and OSi digital maps I can easily identify problems caused by Land Registry digitising errors. These are fixed quickly by quantifying and identifying these errors to the QA section within land registry. This typically takes about 4 weeks to get a satisfactory result.

2. Ordnance Survey Mapping Errors

As the Land Registry as procedurally bound to use OSi mapping detail to map boundaries, the Land Registry faithfully follow OSi detail. If the Ordnance Survey map your boundary incorrectly, then as night follows day the land registry with perpetuate the error. This is easily fixed by identifying and quantifying the error and liaising with the Ordnance Survey to fix the error on their map. Once the Ordnance Survey detail is corrected, then the Land registry will change your registered boundary to suit the OSi map. This typically takes about 4 weeks to rectify your map.

3. Land Registry Indian Digitisation Project

Around 2010, the Land registry changed from a paper based mapping system to a digital mapping system. This involved all our folios being sent to India for digitising (tracing), which resulted lots of inconsistencies between old and new folio maps. This is such a big problem that the land registry have a special unit set up to deal with these inaccuracies. Again, it is simple to fix as it just involves locating and quantifying the error by demonstrating through a map overlay exercise that there was an error translating the old folio to the modern filed plan. This is typically fixed within 2 weeks to regularise your ownership records.

4. Land Registry Rejection of Submitted Maps

This can be the source of much frustration and costly time delays. Normally maps are rejected on the basis that the geometry is incorrect or more to the point, doesn not line up with Ordnance Survey detail. I can easily get around this problem by submitting a digital file directly to the GIS unit in Land Registry for approval. Once approved the LR issue me with a dealing number which proves that the geometry has been approved. This number goes on the paper map and you are guaranteed acceptance of the map by Land Registry.



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