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News And Insights

News And Insights2021-09-03T17:12:41+01:00

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Sub Millimetre Setting Out & Surveying by Baseline Surveys Ltd

13 October 2022|

There are a number of critical components to being able to produce extremely accurate setting out or surveying. The most important component is being fully relaxed and focused, because of this it’s important to reduce the amount of environmental distractions as much as possible and to fully ignore everything except what you are doing.

UAS Applied

19 August 2021|

Baseline provides a topographical survey of a harbour in Ireland with a UAS - avoiding significant disruption and risk that would have been created by a conventional survey.

Engineers Journal Article 

19 August 2021|

Paudie Barry outlines how Baseline Survey's surveyed Dun Laoghaire town centre and harbour area for the purpose of providing a topographic survey for a detailed engineering redesign of the existing port.


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